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Liberation = Freedom What junk remains in your life? In 5 Minutes or Less.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

September 2021

Key Words:

Decision-making, Growth Mindset, Adapting to Change


Resistance to change is natural, especially once patterns and norms are deeply rooted in your existence. Think about it, when was the last time you made a shift in your life that put you in an uncomfortable zone, and how you felt going through the process? What did you discover?

Letting Go

After living in my home for 21 years, I packed up and moved. A place called home, a place where I raised my sons, and a place of peace /comfort because I made my house cozy, was no more. I thought I was set and would live out the remainder of my days at that location. In my state of comfortability, I did not realize that I needed to purge and declutter. What I perceived as comfort and cozy was living in organized chaos. I soon realized during the packing process that I lived amongst and was holding on to unnecessary junk.

Packing is a daunting process. What do I keep? What do I throw away? Do I really need this? When was the last time I used this or that? These are questions I kept asking myself. I did not have the answers too, so I pushed the items aside for another day or week which turned into months. Since my son is taking over my former home, I did not need to decide right away on my prized possessions. But I soon realized that the delay in my decision-making process unfairly halted my son's progress to make the house his own. I still had stuff everywhere weeks later because I couldn't let go.

It's Time

After several weeks of sitting in a new to me clutter-free home, I began the process of adaptation. I no longer wrestled with the idea of what to do with the stuff I did not need. I ended the cycle of stifling my son's progress. I purged, gave way items that could be repurposed, and donated items to charity programs. To my surprise, I felt great! I held onto stuff that was weighing me down and not allowing me to exercise my growth mindset. I was stuck in my junks’ emotions and temporarily unwilling to adapt to the changes of being without the stuff I thought I needed.

I share this story to tell you it's time. What junk is dwelling in your life that you believe you must have? In my book, iDid and uCan 2, I write about adapting to change (do not let fear take control). I write about decision-making (be swift). I write about exercising a growth mindset (do not be complacent). I also write about letting go (do not be a prisoner to your past). Yet, sometimes I have to remind myself to use my education and experiences to shape a better existence if I want to have harmony amongst the four pillars.

Balancing the pillars requires deliberate work, and growth occurs when we realize we have work to do. Are you willing to put in that work? Letting go sets you free, and freedom is liberating. I come home to my new surroundings, grateful for the elevation. I am thankful that I am in a position to pass on my former home to my son. I am thankful that I got rid of unnecessary stuff and helped others through this moving process. I have the freedom to enjoy this new dwelling and place in my life because I let go!

Key Takeaways:

Change makes us uncomfortable and stirs emotions. We fear the unknown and if we hesitate to adapt we will find ourselves stuck in a cycle that does not promote growth. I challenge you to analyze the junk in your life. Are you living in organized chaos? If so, begin the process to declutter the mess and be on your way to freedom. You will feel much better!

© 2021 Lisa M. Coffey



Thank you! This post was very enlightening.

Dr. Lisa M. Coffey
Dr. Lisa M. Coffey
Sep 21, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Im glad you found the topic enlightening.


Thank you! This post was very enlightening.


Hart Coleman
Hart Coleman
Sep 05, 2021

Change is not easily excepted but it is normal. Failure to accept change results in a fear of your future. I believe with change comes growth, knowledge and faith. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.

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