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Pay Attention! Don't "Overlook" how you are feeling. In 5 minutes or less.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Dr. Lisa M. Coffey

June 21, 2021

Have you ever had a dark cloud looming over your head, and you did not know why? Just the other day, I felt down and defeated, yet I did not know why. I felt as if the walls were closing in on me, and I was about to snap, yet I could not put my finger on the cause of the discord around me. As father's day approaches, I am typically in a funk because my father is no longer with me, so I thought the conflict was related to father's day. Whenever I feel this way, I must take time for myself, check out and check in on my mental wellness. On this particular day, I left work briefly, drove to the West End Overlook to do nothing, took a few photos, and spent some quality time with myself. The brief interlude in my hectic day was necessary to realign my focus, recover from draining feelings and restore balance. What I did not know is that moment was the calm before the storm.

It seems that when you elevate your thoughts, processes, connections, and state of being, there is always skepticism from someone willing to drag your name through the mud and cast doubts on your character, persona, and accomplishments. I am not that naïve to believe that the perception of success is absent of envy. Troubling to me is the source of the confusion, especially when people in your inner circle starts the chaos. I was utterly blindsided by the innuendos, accusations, and character assassination. At that moment, I was living the definition of resistance to change because I am growing and evolving. I realized that misery loves company. I will not be lured into muddy waters by those who play dirty, hurl insults, and starts fires with lies as the fuel.

I will admit, I felt like crap for a few days, not because I questioned my persona and character but because I was genuinely concerned about the mindset of my opposition and the depth of their pain. To overcome the negative energy, I spent time writing, reflecting, and in my art studio. I am happiest when I am creative. In my book iDid and uCan 2, I write about the necessity to rejuvenate yourself. We must take time to safeguard our personal space. "Family, life, work, stress, and relationships all factor into our wellness. Taking personal time and space can help deflate the feelings of being overwhelmed or off track" ( Dr. Coffey). I enjoyed my weekend of relaxation and creativity. I am renewed and refreshed.

Key Takeaway:

When faced with opposition remember the following tips:

  • Tomorrow is not promised.

  • Every day is a blessing.

  • Do not succumb to other's wayward thoughts.

  • Do not give positive energy to negative thoughts/people.

  • Opposition is inevitable.

  • Change is necessary.

  • Your inner circle will change as you elevate.

  • Elevation is a weed killer. Weed them out!

  • Take time to reflect, readjust, and reengage.

How we react too conflict is an essential element in personal wellness. Be mindful of how we engage to safeguard our personal space and time.

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