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Do you have Queen Esther Qualities? In 5 minutes or less.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

July 16, 2021

Dr. Lisa M. Coffey

Not that long ago, I saw Queen Esther, a Biblical production at the Sight and Sounds Theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was in awe of the show, elaborate stages, costumes, acting, makeup, special effects, surround sound, and talent. The set was unique with a live donkey, camels, elephants, and other animals. Yet, I was mesmerized by the message of the production. The pandemic has stripped away gathering in churches, synagogues, temples, and other worship experiences. So, I was excited to witness the biblical teachings through this production. Finally, I had the chance to worship, praise, and give thanks in somewhat of a church setting. I welcomed the experience in a non-traditional environment.

Queen Esther, a beauty queen, won the heart of King Xerxes over all the other beauty contestants. In today’s terms, Queen Esther had it going on, she was fine, and all of that! However, beyond her beauty was so much more. Queen Esther was a Jewish virgin who kept her identity a secret from King Xerxes. The Queen's cousin, Mordecai, had a conflict with a powerful adversary. Because of the quarrel all the Jewish people were sentenced to death with permission from the King. When Mordecai overheard the plan to kill all of the Jewish people, Mordecai rushed to the palace to tell the Queen about the plot. Queen Esther was caught in the middle. The King was her husband, Mordecai was her cousin and she was Jewish. Queen Esther became a woman of action and devised a plan to meet with the King, which placed her life in jeopardy. “If I perish, I perish” (Esther 4.16). In those times, the Queen could not summon a visit with the King. Yet, Esther was willing to risk it all and sacrifice her life to save the lives of her people.

The Story of Queen Esther tells us...

1. To be brave and take risks.

2. To fight for causes we believe in strongly.

3. To stand in our convictions.

4. That we are called to help others in some way.

5. To help those who are less fortunate.

6. To use our influence to level up those around us.

7. To fight for justice and not position.

8. That action speaks louder than beauty.

9. To do good while looking good.

As a “faithful and obedient servant leader,” my goal is to share relevant material and situations from my life to empower, uplift, and influence others. I hope to encourage and inspire. My writings are meant to help provide clarity, direction, and self-assessment. We can only grow through self-evaluation. So, I ask, do you possess any Queen Esther Qualities?

1. Are you brave?

2. Do you take risks?

3. Do you fight for any causes?

4. Do you help others?

5. Do you help those less fortunate?

6. Do you stand in your convictions?

7. Do you use your influence to level up those around you?

8. Do your actions speak louder than your beauty?

In my book iDid and uCan 2 one of the core pillars is foundation, in that pillar falls the fundamental characteristics of bravery, creative thinking, taking risks, and humility. I also write about the characteristic of leadership that helps us develop our core which includes empowerment and being of service to others. Queen Esther's story embodies these concepts.

At the end of the production, I clapped, cheered, and praised the Lord because I heard the message loud and clear. Joyfully, I shared the story of the presentation with my sons but, more importantly, I shared how all of us must have Queen Esther qualities. The story teaches us about cultural clashes and women in power as well. I will save those topics for a follow-up blog post. Finally, do good and look good. You are the best representation of yourself, and there is nothing wrong with being beautiful and all of that! However, make sure your outward beauty is matched with inward intensity to do good!


If you have never experienced a production at the Sight and Sounds Theater, it is a must-see! So add that to your bucket list.




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