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iDid and uCan 2 is a relatable piece of non-fiction that journeys through the authors’ life story to highlight the necessity of balancing the four fundamental pillars of foundation, faith, finance, and future, in your life. Dive deep into a self-discovery process with this timeless piece of literature that appeals to the young, old, males, and females. The Author has various skills, interests, education, and experiences that allow her to write from multiple perspectives. Engage this book with a sense of purpose to unmask your story and balance the four pillars in your life. This book will become a staple in your library that you will reference over and over again.

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Dr. Lisa M. Coffey is the CEO of Four Pillars to Power Consulting (4P2P), a company that develops individuals through training, workshops, and personal consultations. Dr. Coffey is also the Director of Administration at All Purpose Cleaning Service, Incorporated, a family-owned business that began in 1978. Utilizing 34 years of executive leadership and education, Dr. Coffey is a dynamic leader with a healthy hunger to lead her organization to new levels.


Passionate about business, executive leadership, human capital development, athletics, and decision-making, Lisa's focus is to provide individuals, student-athletes, professionals, and athletic administrators with the tools necessary to balance the four pillars of foundation, faith, finances, and future to live a purposeful life. Take a journey with Dr. Coffey through her story of failures and personal triumphs to help you mitigate circumstances and navigate life. Utilize the companion website for interactive and engaging content to help you understand your story. Buy the book and download the workbook for free!


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